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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit (BRK) is a collection of useful tools and other resources released to expand the manageability of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. These tools are available as a free download. Each BRK release is developed and certified compatible for each particular BES service pack version.

The BRK includes tools such as:

  • BlackBerry User Administration Service (BESUserAdmin)—Allows administrators to perform user and smartphone administration on the command line level.
  • NoResponseCheck Tool—Analyzes the logs for threads reporting as non-responsive to differentiate between non-responsive and slow threads.
  • MessageFlow Tool—Tracks the flow of mail from the mail server through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the BlackBerry smartphone and provides statistics in a csv file
  • AvailIndex Tool—Analyzes log files and produces a snapshot report of user activity for a certain time in a CSV file.
  • HistoricalStats Tool—Checks usage patterns of individual users and provides statistics on a per-day per-user basis.
  • OutOf Coverage Tool—Checks for users who have not sent/received in a specified period of time.
  • Pending Tool—Tracks messages pending delivery in BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • Delayed Notifications Tool—Allows administrators to detect when BlackBerry Enterprise Server is no longer receiving notifications for new email in a timely fashion.
  • MapiCdoErrors Tool—Allows administrators to scan the logs for common MAPI/CDO errors and custom events they wish to choose.
  • MDSPush vs Pull Tool—Enables Administrators to monitor whether the BlackBerry Mobile Data Service is processing more data by push or by pull.
  • BlackBerry SysLog Service—Provides Administrators with real-time monitoring of BlackBerry Enterprise Server log events.
  • BlackBerry Domain Administration History Tool—Audits configuration changes to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server environment and outputs to a csv file
  • Log Monitor Tool—Monitors a text file for one or more events and allows Administrators to specify actions that they want the tool to perform after it finds a value that meets the set criteria.
  • Message Receipt Confirmation Tool—Provides Administrators with real-time verification that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is sending messages to BlackBerry devices
  • Enterprise Activation Status Tool—Provides the ability to monitor the changing activation status of a BlackBerry smartphone and to troubleshoot activation issues.
  • Upgrade IT Policy Template Tool—Allows administrators to upgrade the IT policy template for the BlackBerry Configuration Database with new BlackBerry smartphone policy rules without upgrading the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software.

There are also special support tools available to those who contact the support group.

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