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Second Boer War - Concentration Camps (1900–1902) - The Fawcett Commission
... fears were being confirmed – 93,940 Boers and 24,457 black Africans were reported to be in "camps of refuge" and the crisis was becoming a catastrophe ... to the soldiers, to whom the life or death of the 154,000 Boer and African civilians in the camps rated as an abysmally low priority ...
Slavery In Libya - Slavery - Black Africans
... Another traveler, the Muslim Danish Knud Holmboe, who crossed the Italian Libyan dessert in 1930 was told that slavery is still practiced in Kufra and that he could buy a slave girl for 30 Sterlings in the Thursday market ... According to James Richardson testimony, when he visited Ghadames, most slaves were from Bornu ...
Portuguese Angola - Education
... Non-urban black African access to educational opportunities was very limited for most of the colonial period, most were not even able to speak Portuguese and did not ... Responsibility for educating rural Africans were commissioned by the authorities to several Roman Catholic and Protestant missions based across the vast countryside, which taught black Africans in ... was being increasingly opened to both the African indigenes and the ethnic Portuguese of the territories ...
Ethnic Groups In South Africa - Racial Groups - Blacks - Demographics
... The Black South African population density is 29/km² ... The density of Black households is 7/km² ... Black South Africans make up 79.0% of the total population ...

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    Where do whites fit in the New Africa? Nowhere, I’m inclined to say ... and I do believe that it is true that even the gentlest and most westernised Africans would like the emotional idea of the continent entirely without the complication of the presence of the white man for a generation or two. But nowhere, as an answer for us whites, is in the same category as remarks like What’s the use of living? in the face of the threat of atomic radiation. We are living; we are in Africa.
    Nadine Gordimer (b. 1923)

    A black sun has appeared in the sky of my motherland.
    Wuer Kaixi, Chinese student leader. Quoted in Independent (London, June 29, 1989)