Bismuth - Applications - Other Uses As Compounds

Other Uses As Compounds

  • Bismuth is included in BSCCO (bismuth strontium calcium copper oxide) which is a group of similar superconducting compounds discovered in 1988 that exhibit the highest superconducting transition temperatures.
  • Bismuth subnitrate is a component of glazes that produces an iridescence and is used as a pigment in paint.
  • Bismuth telluride is a semiconductor and an excellent thermoelectric material. Bi2Te3 diodes are used in mobile refrigerators, CPU coolers, and as detectors in infrared spectrophotometers.
  • Bismuth oxide, in its delta form, is a solid electrolyte for oxygen. This form normally only exists above and breaks down below a high-temperature threshold, but can be electrodeposited well below this temperature in a highly alkaline solution.
  • Bismuth vanadate is an opaque yellow pigment in artists' oil and acrylic paint. This compound is a non-toxic lightfast substitute for lemon yellow pigments such as the cadmium sulfides and the lead/strontium/barium chromates. Unlike lead chromate+lead sulfate lemon, bismuth vanadate does not readily blacken with UV exposure.
  • A catalyst for making acrylic fibers.
  • Ingredient in lubricating greases.
  • In crackling microstars (dragon's eggs) in pyrotechnics, as the oxide, subcarbonate or subnitrate.

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