Bishop (Latter Day Saints)

Bishop (Latter Day Saints)

Bishop is the highest priesthood office of the Aaronic priesthood in the Latter Day Saint movement, and is leader of the Aaronic priesthood in a given ward or congregation. It is almost always held by one who already holds the Melchizedek Priesthood office of high priest and who serves as the leader of a local congregation of church members. The Latter Day Saint concept of the office differs significantly from the role of bishops in other Christian denominations, being in some respects more analogous to a pastor or parish priest. Each bishop serves with two counselors, which together form a bishopric.

The role of a bishop varies in the different Latter Day Saint denominations; however, they derive from a common history.

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... In many ways bishops of Community of Christ continue to resemble those found in the church prior to the death of Joseph Smith, Jr ... They are not pastors or branch presidents, but financial officers and ministers of stewardship ...

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