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Public Statements

Keller was interviewed and featured in the documentary film Article VI: Faith.Politics.America. In the film he is shown saying that he likes Mitt Romney, but that he is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and "following a false theology straight to hell". He also says Islam is a religion of violence and condemns the Park51 project in Manhattan.

Keller used the suicide of Jamie Hubley, a 15 year old gay teenager from Ottawa, to criticize homosexuality. Keller has, however, also stated that homosexuality is no more of a sin than gluttony, and has said that obese Christians and pastors who don't preach about gluttony are hypocrites.

Keller has criticized both mainstream preachers such as Joel Osteen, whom he calls a "theological midget", and extreme ones such as Fred Phelps and Terry Jones, who he said say some things he agrees with about problems with society, but aren't doing anything to help.

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    Dogmatic theological statements are neither logical propositions nor poetic utterances. They are “shaggy dog” stories; they have a point, but he who tries too hard to get it will miss it.
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