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Faison represents Caswell County and most of Orange County in the NC House. He is a staunch supporter and advocate for jobs, education and health care in the North Carolina General Assembly. With three children in college and one in high school, he understands how important it is to set good policy for the future.

In a weekly column called Bill's Seat in The Caswell Messenger and The News of Orange, Faison updates his constituents about current legislation in the North Carolina General Assembly.

In the most recent legislative session, he spoke out on telecommunications legislation in the NC House. Faison said, in an interview with North Carolina Public Radio, that the bill should be called “the Time Warner cable anti-competitive bill.”

“It’s a New York company bill, it’s not even folks from around here’s bill, to keep our municipalities from providing services to their citizens,” Rep. Faison said.

Faison also spoke out on the E-Verify bill, saying that the bill was so broadly written that if a city wanted to contract with a realtor to help sell a property, or had its accounts handled by a local bank, those entire companies would have to implement E-Verify for all future hires.

“Folks, I didn’t come down here to impose greater regulation on business in this state,” Faison told the Committee.

Faison explained that the bill was too broad and focused on illegal immigration.

"It’s not focused on the common sense of how we go about getting services rendered within a community. There’s such a target lock on who we’re out trying to get that the collateral damage has been ignored,” said Faison.

A list of bills Faison introduced and supported in the NC House are available at the NC General Assembly website.

On September 8, 2011, Representative Faison held a press conference to challenge the North Carolina Republican Party leadership in the North Carolina General Assembly to tackle the issues of high unemployment. Faison issued a three-step challenge calling on the leadership to address the issue of JOBS in the upcoming Special Session. Faison explained the challenge in an opinion editorial . The challenge came just hours before the President of the United States Barack Obama spoke on national television about a jobs plan for the country.

On September 13, 2011, Faison was Chairman of the House Democrats' Business Caucus. At the caucus, the Members heard first hand about job loss. Following the caucus, a press conference was held to discuss the Faison Jobs Plan.

On September 14, 2011, President Obama came to Raleigh to talk about his Jobs Plan. Faison's post-event interview has been carried statewide.

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