Bill Faison - 2012 Gubernatorial Election

2012 Gubernatorial Election

Faison was identified as a potential candidate for Governor in 2008. However, with the emergence of both State Treasurer Richard Moore and Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue as candidates, Faison declined to run. Lt. Governor Perdue eventually won the primary.

In 2011 Bill Faison readily admitted he was "covering a little bit of ground lately" for a lonely state lawmaker who represents a mostly rural district.

The Efland Democrat has appeared recently at Occupy Raleigh, a major Lillian's List fundraiser and a Democratic fundraiser in Mecklenburg County. And Faison's name appears prominently as a top sponsor of the N.C. Democratic Party's big Western Gala on Oct. 22 in Asheville—the only elected official on the list. Faison dodged numerous other questions about his political plans or motivations. But Democratic operatives suggest he is trying to make himself the heir to the gubernatorial throne should Perdue not run, which is remote but not impossible given the specter of possible indictments against former top aides related to campaign finance violations from her 2008 run.

On January 4, 2011 Faison loaned his campaign committee $500,000. At a press event, he distributed a six-page memo that appeared much like a campaign platform. Faison said the money would go to support Democrats, but he refused to provide specifics. "I think it's important to show a commitment to the process. And to win back the legislature and keep the governor's office blue," he later told Dome. Asked at the press conference if he would end speculation about his political ambitions, Faison declined. But he did suggest it's not too late for a candidate to enter the governor's race. He said he expects lawsuits challenging the new political district boundaries to delay the May 8 primary. State law allows the money Faison puts in his legislative campaign committee to transfer to a gubernatorial campaign, should he choose to run. On January 28, 2012 Faison announced that he would run for governor of North Carolina. He announced in Greensboro with his kids at his side.

Bill Faison for Governor has launched a new campaign website and a policy agenda for workforce for the 21st Century. On February 13, 2012, he officially filed for the office of Governor in Raleigh, NC. On February 22, 2012, he will launch statewide television ads, the first in the primary campaign.

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