Bilaminar Blastocyst - Epiblast Cells During Gastrulation

Epiblast Cells During Gastrulation

The third week of development and the formation of the primitive streak sparks the beginning of gastrulation. Gastrulation is when the three germ cell layers develop as well as an organism’s body plan. During gastrulation, cells of the epiblast, a layer of the bilaminar blastocyst, migrate towards the primitive streak, enter it, and then move apart from it through a process called ingression.

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Bilaminar Blastocyst - Epiblast Cells During Gastrulation - Ectoderm Development
... endoderm and intraembryonic mesoderm formations are complete, the remaining epiblast cells do not ingress through the primitive streak rather they remain on the outside and form the ... of the primitive streak will still have epiblast cells ingressing to make intraembryonic mesoderm, while the more superior portion has stop ingressing ... However, eventually gastrulation finishes and the three germ layers are complete ...

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