Big Bang (book)

Big Bang (book)

Big Bang: The most important scientific discovery of all time and why you need to know about it is a book written by Simon Singh and published in 2004 by Fourth Estate.

Big Bang chronicles the history and development of the Big Bang model of the universe, from the ancient Greek scientists who first measured the distance to the sun to the 20th century detection of the cosmic radiation still echoing the dawn of time.

The book discusses how different theories of the universe evolved, along with a personal look at the people involved.

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Big Bang (book) - The Big Bang Theory Evolves
... In parallel to the evolution of the BigBang theory, the booktells the personal stories of the people who played a part in advancing it, both by hypothesis and by ... an initial event of creation, which is the BigBang theory we know today, Hubble for observing that the universe expanded, thereby confirming Friedman and LemaƮtre ... Another theme of the bookis the scientific method itself how serendipity, curiosity, theory and observation come together to expand our understanding of the world ...

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