Bienvenidos (Spanish for "Welcome") is a Venezuelan sketch comedy television show. Produced and hosted by Miguel Ángel Landa, the show was produced by Venevisión from 1982 until 2001, when the show moved to Televen for its final season. It has been taped both at Venevisión's studios and on location across Venezuela.

Aired weekly, it consists of 20 to 25 comic sketches that usually take on couples, homosexuals, doctors and other members of society as the target of their jokes. During its latest years, most of the sketches had a sexual edge to them.

Some of the most popular characters on the show include:

  • El Loco Hugo (Kike Corona), a lunatic who likes to flash women
  • Manolo, (Gustavo Gonzalez) the Spaniard from Galicia
  • Rigoberto (Kike Corona), who has the mentality of a 10 year-old-boy and whose wives always cheat on him, to which he invariably screams, "¡Tú no me quieres!" ("You don't love me!")
  • Enrico (Ernesto Cortés), a gay character that occasionally starts out masculine, but then behaves effeminately and his voice is altered in pitch
  • Briagoberto, (Gustavo Gonzalez) a perpetually drunk man
  • Nino Frescobaldi (Julio Gassette), a naughty man who wears a bow tie
  • Boberto (Julio Gassette), a dim-witted man

Some of the show's more well-known sketches are:

  • Ay, Mama: The general idea of the sketch is somebody will make some kind of embarrassing gaffe, to which they will utter, "Ay, Mama!"
  • El Chiste Incomprensible (The incomprehensible Joke): a joke with a double entendre, usually in a sexual connotation.
  • Viejo, viejo, viejo, pero bueno, bueno, bueno (Old old old but good good good): a classic joke that still is funny.

Among the many comedians in this show are Landa's daughter Dayana, Ernesto Cortés and María Antonieta Duque. She and Cortez ended up marrying in real life, but they later separated.

Bienvenidos is shown on networks throughout the Spanish-speaking world. One of those networks was Univision in the United States, which carried the program during the 1990s. Its Galavision channel currently carries repeats of the program.

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