Bien Hoa Air Base - USAF Use During The Vietnam War

USAF Use During The Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War, Bien Hoa was a major United States Air Force base. The USAF forces stationed there were under the command of the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF). With its close proximity to the international airport at Saigon, Bien Hoa Air Base was the easiest tactical air base to be reached by visiting news reporters, and therefore it received the greatest amount of news and photographic coverage during the war.

Bien Hoa was the location for TACAN station Channel 73 and was referenced by that identifier in voice communications during air missions. Its military mail address was APO San Francisco, 96490.

It was at Bien Hoa Air Base that the United States Air Force entered the Vietnam War.

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Bien Hoa Air Base - USAF Use During The Vietnam War - Det 1. 377th Air Base Wing
... The detachment continued operations through 11 February 1973 when the United States presence ended at Bien Hoa Air Base. ...

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