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Bhuma Nagi Reddy rose very fast in politics. In 1984, he was elected as president to Rudravaram cooperative society. In 1986-90, elected as mandal president to Allagadda MPP. His brother Bhuma Sekhar Reddy a sitting MLA died of heart attack in 1992. In the by elections to the vacant Allagadda constituency he had the first opportunity to contest as an MLA candidate from the then opposition Telugu Desam Party. But it was not a cake walk for him as his life was under threat from his faction and political opponents who... were credited to be influential at the then ruling central and state govts ...tightened his movements from canvassing. But Nagi Reddy was dare enough to face the challenges thrown by the rivals and with the strong popular support he won the elections. In 1996 he gained nationwide attention as he contested against the then prime minister P.V. Narasimha Rao as a TDP candidate. Though defeated narrowly he won lakhs of fans and got a wide publicity. P.V. Narasimha Rao resigned for nandyal seat to retain Berhampur constituency leading to the by-elections. Bhuma was the undisputed candidate again from TDP and won with a record majority of over 4 lakhs on Mr. Rangaiah Naidu to enter for the first time in the 11th loksabha. The Nation went for polls 1n 1998 again and TDP runs Bhuma in to foray, this time against his traditional rival Gangula Prathapa Reddy. In the beginning it was thought that the election is a cake walk for Bhuma but the things made differently. He could win with a slight majority of 4,550. This result made Bhuma to reconstruct his political strategies and strengthen his energies. Henceforth worked hard and maintained good relationship with cadre. He never neglected the interests and needs of cadre. Probably that is the reason, In 1999 midterm polls he proved his stamina by winning the seat with 72,600 votes of majority on the same rival candidate. He became a 'stalwart' in rayalaseema by these 'hat-trick' wins. However, he had a major setback in politics as he was defeated by Gangula Prathap Reddy from Allagadda assembly constituency in 2004 elections. His wife Shobharani being elected as MLA two times from Allagadda constituency had to contest against her wish as an MP candidate from Nandyal and lost to congress candidate SPY Reddy. In the wake of the emergence of much publicised Praja Rajyam party by Cine hero Chiranjeevi they resigned from the TDP on 4 July 2008 and joined the newly created Praja Rajyam Party led by Chiranjeevi on 20 August 2008. In 2009 general elections.. he contested from Nandyal parliamentary constituency on PRP ticket...but was defeated. At the same time Shobha Nagi reddy got elected from Allagadda assembly constituency. Later In 2010.. after the tragic death of the chief minister Dr Y.S. Raja sekhara Reddy a sort of political turmoil emerged in Andhra Pradesh. After many developments... it was thought that Y.S.R's son, the then Kadapa M.P. Mr. Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy had been isolated and carnered by the seniors of congress party. He was expelled from the party as his famous "Odaarpu Yathra" was against the wishes of the party leadership. Hence he started a new political party in the name of "YSR Congress Party". Mean while Chiranjeevi decided to merge his PRP in congress the development that was strongly opposed by Bhuma Nagireddy. The Bhuma couple had to join hands with Y S Jagan and became key figures in the formation of that Party. He is now the central governing member of YSR congress party. while Shobha Nagireddy is official spokes person and key state leader of the party

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