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Peace March

AV. Subba Reddy and Katamreddy Srikantha Reddy are close allies, chief followers and ardent supporters of Bhuma from Allagadda constituency. He had strong supporters and followers in neighbouring constituencies as well. Bhuma's famous "peace March" to the several faction-infested villages of Koilkuntla was attracted very much enthusiasm throughout the state. It claimed to be the best of its kind in rayalaseema as no one ever attempted this sort of march previously. It gave him a real life hero image among the common public where as his political opponents criticised as 'tiger in disguise' action of Bhuma. He utilised this opportunity to see the villages with indepth study of the under development of the villages. He announced funds of MP lads on the spot and gained the hearts of villagers. Freelance journalist Prabhakara Reddy and senior journalist Janardhan Reddy gave special coverage on the peace march and its influence aftermath. Though the opponents criticised these march for the political gains, he proved it wrong by announcing huge funds at a smaller village of Kasipuram. He compromised the faction opponents of several villages proving his seriousness to the subject . However, rivals of his party carried the wrong perceptions enough to influence the party high command not to give official support to this peace march

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