Bezzerwizzer - Gameplay - Endgame


The first team to reach the finish - and therefore get round the board once - can be declared the winner. Provided that another team doesn't also in the same round.

If a defending team is situated on the home stretch (within the last 5 squares of the board), another attacking team may force them to go backwards. This is done by playing a Bezzerwizzer tile, which may choose to move the defending team's piece backwards (the same number of points) instead of moving forwards themselves. Assuming that the attacking team gets the answer correct and the defending team gets the answer wrong.

If two or more teams finish in the same round then sudden death occurs. Each team takes one playing piece out of the bag and gets a single question on that. If that team is wrong they are out. Teams may only remain in sudden death if they get their question right or all teams in sudden death get their question wrong. The last team in, is declared the winner.

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