Bezbozhnik may refer to:

  • Bezbozhnik (magazine), Soviet satirical magazine
  • Bezbozhnik (rural locality), name of several rural localities in Russia

Other articles related to "bezbozhnik":

League Of Militant Atheists - Origins and Formation
... The newspaper Bezbozhnik (Godless, Atheist) (1922–1941), founded and edited by Yemelyan Yaroslavsky, played a significant role in the League's establishment, and had a wide ... Bezbozhnik appeared first in December 1922, and the following year a Moscow monthly for industrial workers Bezbozhnik u stanka (The Godless at the Work-Bench ... Bezbozhnik argued that it was an oversimplification to treat religion solely as a kind of class exploitation to be attacked, forgetting the complex nature of ...
League Of Militant Atheists - Activities
... The weekly Bezbozhnik reached 500,000 copies per issue in 1931 ... The monthly Bezbozhnik, grew from 28,000 in 1928 to 200,000 in 1931, dropped to 150,000 after 1932, climbed to 230,000 in 1938 and went down 155,000 in 1939 ... The Bezbozhnik u stanka consistently ran 50,000-70,000 copies per issue, however, it changed from a monthly to a fortnightly in 1929 and continued to produce until it was closed in 1932 ...