Betty Hinton

Betty Zane Hinton (born February 22, 1950) is a Canadian politician, previously representing the constituency of Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo in the federal parliament.

Born in Trail, British Columbia, Hinton has served as mayor of Logan Lake, British Columbia, and as an alderman and school trustee in Kamloops, British Columbia.

In the Canadian federal election, 2000 she was elected to the Canadian House of Commons as the Canadian Alliance candidate in the riding of Kamloops, Thompson and Highland Valleys. She was re-elected as the Conservative Party of Canada candidate in the riding of Kamloops—Thompson in the Canadian federal election, 2004. A businesswoman, she has served as the Assistant Deputy Chair of Committees of the Whole, as well as the Opposition Critic of Multiculturalism, the Status of Women, Public Health, and as Critic of Veterans Affairs. She was also the Vice-Chair of the Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs of the Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs.

Re-elected in the Canadian federal election, 2006, she was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs in the 39th Parliament. Hinton assisted the introduction of the Veterans' Bill of Rights. Hinton did not seek re-election in 2008; fellow Conservative Cathy McLeod succeeded her.

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