Bette Garber

Bette Garber

Bette S. Garber (1942–2008) was an American photojournalists known for her pictures of customized semi-trucks. She worked for Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine and published several books.

She was born in Chicago on November 18, 1942. She attended the University of Illinois and earned a bachelors degree of English in 1964. After college she worked as a copywriter and married Charles Garber. In 1970 she and her husband founded Structure Probe, an electron microscopy company. Working for their company she was often on the road and during the mid 70's she got a CB radio to get traffic reports. The CB radio also picked up trucker communications and conversations and it was this that first got her interested in the world of big trucks. She began taking pictures of trucks she encountered, and writing stories about the trucks and their drivers, which she submitted to trucking magazines. Eventually, she left Structure Probe, and for the next 30 years devoted herself full-time to her passion for trucking photojournalism. She died on November 13, 2008 at the age of 65 in Philadelphia of pneumonia.

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