Berkowitz is a surname. Notable people with this name include:

  • Bruce Berkowitz
  • David Berkowitz, a serial killer nicknamed Son of Sam
  • Edward Berkowitz
  • Ethan Berkowitz, American politician in Alaska
  • Gary Berkowitz, American Radio Frontier
  • Isaac Dov Berkowitz (1885–1967), Belarus-born Israeli author
  • Liane Berkowitz (1923–1943), member of the German resistance movement during World War II
  • Monroe Berkowitz
  • Norbert Berkowitz
  • Peter Berkowitz, American political scientist
  • Roger Berkowitz
  • Sean M. Berkowitz

See also:

  • Laszlo Berkowits, American rabbi
  • Eliezer Berkovits, rabbi- philosopher
  • Scott Putesky, musician with the stage name Daisy Berkowitz

Other articles related to "berkowitz":

Gary Evans (serial Killer) - Early Prison Time and Escape
... While he was in Clinton, he met and befriended "Son of Sam" Killer, David Berkowitz ... Evans, Berkowitz, and a few other inmates studied weight lifting together, with Evans as the mentor ... David Berkowitz was transferred to Sullivan Correctional Facility in the late 70s and never saw Evans again ...
Miriam Berkowitz
... Berkowitz is a Conservative rabbi, educator and writer ... She is married to Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz ...
Congregation Rodeph Shalom (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - The Titans of Reform: Berkowitz and Wolsey
... Henry Berkowitz (1857-1924), formerly spiritual leader of congregations in Mobile, Alabama, and Kansas City, Missouri, and Philadelphia's first ... Following the lead of his close friend, Keneseth Israel's Joseph Krauskopf, Berkowitz created a library at RS and began publishing his sermons in English, making ... In 1893, Berkowitz was instrumental in creating the Jewish Chautauqua Society for the promotion and dissemination of studies in Jewish history and education of non-Jews about Judaism ...
Sean M. Berkowitz - Lay and Skilling Trial
... Berkowitz cross-examined Jeffrey K ... and Skilling that "you can’t buy justice, you have to earn it." In his closing arguments, Berkowitz used a large black and white cardboard display with the ... the jury found both Skilling and Lay guilty, Berkowitz scolded the Enron executives, saying that "you can't lie to shareholders, you can't put yourselves ...
Sean M. Berkowitz
... Berkowitz (born 1967) is the former director of the Enron Task Force ... In 2006, shortly after securing guilty verdicts against both, Berkowitz left the Department of Justice to become a partner at Latham Watkins LLP in Chicago ... Berkowitz was assigned to the Task Force in December 2003 from the U.S ...