Ber (disambiguation)

Ber is a tropical fruit tree species belonging to the family Rhamnaceae.

BER is the IATA airport code for the Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Ber may also refer to:

  • Ber, Slavic name for the Greek city of Veria
  • Dov Ber of Mezeritch (circa 1704–1772), Volhynian Orthodox rabbi
  • Ber, Mali
  • In mathematics, Ber is one of the Kelvin functions
  • Basal electrical rhythm in gastrointestinal physiology
  • Basic Encoding Rules defined as part of the ASN.1 as a transmission encoding standard.
  • Base excision repair

People with the given name Ber:

  • Avrom Ber Gotlober (1811–1899), Jewish writer, poet, playwright, historian, journalist and educator
  • Ber Borochov (1881–1917), Marxist Zionist
  • Ber Groosjohan (1897–1971), Dutch footballer
  • Boruch Ber Leibowitz (1870–1940), Haredi rabbi
  • Dov Ber Abramowitz (1860–1926), American Orthodox rabbi and author
  • Dov Ber Pinson (born circa 1971), author, lecturer, and scholar
  • José Ber Gelbard (1917–1977), Argentine activist and politician
  • Josef Ber, Australian actor
  • Yisroel Ber Odesser (1888–1994), controversial figure in the Breslov movement