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Tanya Wilson

Wilson, a native of Earth, is a companion of Larch Bellamy and one of the four people who kidnapped the Kdatlyno touch sculptor Lloobee from the spaceship Argos. Shaeffer met her when he arrived at Elephant's house during lush-hour one day. She is about 300 years old.

Details on her physical appearance are sparse. She has a voice that is rich and fruity, according to Shaeffer, with a flatlander accent that doesn't ring quite true and is probably displaced in time.

When Emil attempted to storm the cave where Lloobee was being held, he stunned Wilson before being stunned himself. After Shaeffer was captured she returned to the campsite, the cover story for her injury was that she was scratched by one of the native species of Gummidgy. After Bellamy was dead, Margo Tellefsen, who was Bellamy's mother, warned Shaeffer that Tanya Wilson had been in love with her son and would probably try to kill him.

Tanya Wilson appears in the Beowulf Shaeffer story Grendel.

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Tanya Wilson

Tanya Wilson (born June 13, 1950) is a beauty queen from Honolulu, Hawaii who held the Miss USA 1972 title.

Wilson placed second runner-up in the Miss Nevada pageant in 1969 and also competed in 1970. After moving to Honolulu with her mother, Wilson won the Miss Hawaii USA title in early May 1972. Two weeks later she represented her state in the Miss USA 1972 pageant, held in Dorado, Puerto Rico and won the Miss USA title. She was crowned by Michele McDonald of Pennsylvania, Miss USA 1971. Wilson was the second of four women from Hawaii to win the Miss USA title.

This was the first time in the twenty-year history of the Miss USA pageant that it was held outside the continental United States and the only time that it has been held in a United States territory. The event was marred by bomb explosions in the host hotel during the pageant which caused the coronation ball to be cancelled but no injuries were reported.

Wilson represented the United States in the Miss Universe pageant broadcast from the same city two months after winning her national title. As with the Miss USA pageant, this was the first time that Miss Universe had been held outside the United States. Wilson placed in the semi-finals in the pageant, which was won by Kerry Anne Wells of Australia.

A physical education major, Wilson was due to graduate from the University of Hawaii the weekend following the Miss USA pageant. She was forced to defer her planned engagement when she won the Miss USA title. She and her fiance intended to marry in June 1973 after passing on her title.

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