Belle Vue Aces - Team Line-up - Previous Teams

Previous Teams

2011 Team
  • Chris Harris
  • Rory Schlein
  • Charlie Gjedde (Doubling up with Newport Wasps covering for Kyle Legault, having previously doubled up with Berwick Bandits)
  • Jordan Frampton (Doubling up with Rye House Rockets)
  • Ricky Kling
  • Craig Cook (Doubling up with Edinburgh Monarchs)
  • Kozza Smith (Doubling up with Berwick Bandits)
Also Rode
  • Borys Miturski
  • Dawid Stachyra
  • Tomasz Piszcz
  • Mark Lemon (Doubling up with Newcastle Diamonds)
2010 Team
  • Hans Andersen
  • Peter Karlsson
  • Patrick Hougaard
  • Charlie Gjedde
  • Filip Sitera
  • Ricky Ashworth (Doubling Up with Sheffield Tigers)
  • Leigh Lanham (Doubling up with Newport Wasps)
  • Josh Grajczonek (Number 8)
Also Rode
  • Ulrich Ostergaard
  • Tobias Kroner
  • William Lawson
2009 Team
  • Krzysztof Kasprzak
  • Patrick Hougaard
  • James Wright
  • Ulrich Ostergaard
  • Joel Parsons (doubling up)
  • Michal Rajkowski (doubling up w/ Edinburgh Monarchs)
  • Josh Grazcjonek (No. 8)
Also Rode
  • Charlie Gjedde
  • Morten Risager
  • Steve Boxall
  • Thomas H. Jonasson
  • Kevin Doolan
  • Tomasz Chrzanowski
  • Henning Bager (Temporary cover for Billy Forsberg)
  • Lubos Tomicek
2008 Team
  • Jason Crump
  • Billy Forsberg
  • Charlie Gjedde
  • Lukasz Jankowski
  • Patrick Hougaard
  • Stanislaw Burza
  • Tomasz Piszcz (No 8)
Also Rode
  • Steve Boxall
  • Nick Simmons
  • Michal Rajkowski
  • Jonas Raun
  • Robert Ksiezak (as No 8)
2007 Team
  • Simon Stead
  • Joe Screen
  • James Wright
  • Adam Sk√≥rnicki
  • Kevin Doolan
  • Antonio Lindback
  • Billy Forsberg
  • Joel Parsons (No 8)
  • Ben Wilson
Also Rode:
  • Ryan Fisher
  • Kaj Laukkanen
2006 Team
  • Simon Stead
  • Phil Morris
  • Kenneth Bjerre
  • Joe Screen
  • Jason Crump
  • Tom P. Madsen
  • James Wright
  • Aidan Collins

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