Beetle Larvae

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Histeridae - Importance in Forensics
... Certain species of the Hister beetles follow shortly behind and prey on the maggots and other arthropods present ... The Hister beetle is more prevalent in Spring and Summer ... They are predacious beetles and arrive when there is material to feed on, like other beetles or maggots ...
Short-beaked Echidna - Ecology and Behaviour
... A study of echidnas in New England has shown they tend to dig up scarab beetle larvae in spring when the prey are active, but eschew this prey when it is ... The animal also hunts beetles and earthworms, providing they are small enough to fit in a 5-mm gap ... Scarab beetle larvae are also a large part of the diet when and where available ...
Beetles in Relation To People - Beetles As Beneficial Resources
... Beetles are not only pests, but can also be beneficial, usually by controlling the populations of pests ... Both the larvae and adults are found feeding on aphid colonies ... Ground beetles (family Carabidae) are common predators of many different insects and other arthropods, including fly eggs, caterpillars, wireworms and others ...

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    After the planet becomes theirs, many millions of years will have to pass before a beetle particularly loved by God, at the end of its calculations will find written on a sheet of paper in letters of fire that energy is equal to the mass multiplied by the square of the velocity of light. The new kings of the world will live tranquilly for a long time, confining themselves to devouring each other and being parasites among each other on a cottage industry scale.
    Primo Levi (1919–1987)