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Royal Marines Armoured Support Group - History
1st Royal Marine Armoured Support Regiment at Gold Beach comprising the 1st Battery (A, B, C, and D Troops) and the 2nd Battery (E, F, G and H Troops) ... Royal Marine Armoured Support Regiment at Juno Beach comprising the 3rd Battery (J, K, L and M Troops) and the 4th Battery (N, O, P and Q Troops). 5th Royal Marine Independent Armoured Support Battery at Sword Beach comprising R, S, T and V Troops ...

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    Across the lonely beach we flit,
    One little sandpiper and I;
    And fast I gather, bit by bit,
    The scattered driftwood, bleached and dry.
    The wild waves reach their hands for it,
    The wild wind raves, the tide runs high,
    As up and down the beach we flit—
    One little sandpiper and I.
    Celia Thaxter (”Laighton”)