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As an outgrowth of the Baylor/McCallie rivalry, the school week prior to the football game is referred to as Spirit Week. During this time, students may forgo wearing the uniform to wear themed costumes. The most commonly recurring of these themes is "Red Day," which typically is on the Friday of the Baylor/McCallie football game, in celebration of the school's color, in which the theme is to dress in as much red as is humanly possible. Prizes are awarded to whichever student is deemed by the school to be wearing the most red. In 2009 Baylor won the well-known rivalry football game against McCallie for the first time in eleven years, and has won the game against McCallie four times since then, including a recent win in 2011. (The wins occurred in three regularly scheduled Baylor-McCallie games as well as a TSSAA playoff game.)

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