Battle of Carrickfergus (1597)

Battle Of Carrickfergus (1597)

Coordinates: 54°42′47″N 5°48′22″W / 54.713°N 5.806°W / 54.713; -5.806

Battle of Carrickfergus
Part of the Nine Years' War
Date November 1597
Location near Carrickfergus, northeastern Ireland
Result MacDonnell clan victory
MacDonnell clan of Antrim English Army
Commanders and leaders
Sorley Boy MacDonnell John Chichester
1,800 ?
Casualties and losses
low 180 killed, 30-40 wounded
Nine Years' War
  • Clontibret (1595)
  • Dublin Gunpowder Disaster (1597)
  • Carrickfergus (1597)
  • Yellow Ford (1598)
  • Cahir Castle (1599)
  • Curlew Pass (1599)
  • Moyry Pass (1600)
  • Kinsale (1601)
  • Castlehaven (1601)
  • Dunboy (1602)

The Battle of Carrickfergus took place in November 1597, in the province of Ulster in what is now County Antrim, Northern Ireland, during the Nine Years War. It was fought between the crown forces of Queen Elizabeth I and the Gaelic clan of MacDonnell, and resulted in a defeat for the English.

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