Battle of Brody (1941)

Battle Of Brody (1941)

Operation Barbarossa
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  • Raseiniai
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  • Yelnya
  • Leningrad
  • 1st Kharkov
  • 1st Crimea
  • 1st Rostov
  • Moscow

The Battle of Brody (other names in use include Battle of Dubna, Battle of Dubno, Battle of Rovne, Battle of Rovne-Brody) was a tank battle fought between the Panzer Group 1's IIIrd, XLVIII Army Corps (Motorized) and five Soviet Mechanized Corps of the Soviet 5th Army and 6th Army in the triangle formed by the towns Dubno, Lutsk and Brody in Ukraine between 23 and 30 June 1941 known in Soviet historiography as a part of the Border Defensive Battles. Although the Red Army formations inflicted heavy losses on the German forces, they were outmaneuvered and suffered large losses in tanks. This was one of the most intense armoured engagements in the opening phase of Operation Barbarossa and remained the largest tank battle of World War II until the Battle of Kursk two years later.

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Battle Of Brody (1941) - After The Battle
... Panzer Group 1 took a severe battering in the battlesaround Dubno losing large numbers of its tanks, nevertheless it survived the battlestill capable of operations ...

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