Battle of Aegospotami

The naval Battle of Aegospotami ( /iːɡəˈspɒtəmaɪ/) took place in 405 BC and was the last major battle of the Peloponnesian War. In the battle, a Spartan fleet under Lysander completely destroyed the Athenian navy. This effectively ended the war, since Athens could not import grain or communicate with its empire without control of the sea.

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Eteonicus - Peloponnesian War - Battle of Aegospotami
... BC Eteonicus played an important role in the pivotal battle of Aegospotami that effectively ended the Peloponnesian War ... There are varying accounts of the battle ... After the battle Lysander swept the Athenians from power throughout much of the extent of their empire ...
Battle Of Aegospotami - Commemoration of The Battle
... The Spartans commemorated their victory with a dedication at Delphi of statues of the trierarchs who had fought in the battle ... A verse inscription explained the circumstances These men, sailing with Lysander in the swift ships, humbled the might of the city of Cecrops And made Lacedaemon of the beautiful choruses the high city of Hellas ...

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