Battle For Velikiye Luki

Battle For Velikiye Luki

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The Velikiye Luki offensive operation (Russian: Великолукская наступательная операция) was executed by the forces of the Red Army's Kalinin Front against the Wehrmacht's 3rd Panzer Army during the Winter Campaign of 1942-1943 with the objective of liberating the Russian city of Velikiye Luki as part of the northern pincer of the Rzhev-Sychevka Strategic Offensive Operation (Operation Mars). It is particularly notable as an example of the failure of German operational combat in relieving an encirclement, similar to those employed at the Battle of Stalingrad.

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... Center Kampfgruppe "Chevallerie" from (LIX Corps) Wehrmacht's Velikiye Luki garrison Kampfgruppe "Wöhler" 83rd Infantry Division (Lieutenant-General Scherer) Kampfgruppe "Meyer" (South-West of Velikiye Luki) Three ... Almost half of the 83rd Infantry Division was assigned to the Velikiye Luki garrison ...

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