Basic Income Guarantee - Funding


Several sources of funding have been proposed for hypothetical socialist (public or common ownership of the means of production) economic systems:

  • Collective resource ownership
  • Universal stock ownership
  • Profits generated by publicly-owned enterprises
  • A National Mutual Fund

Many different sources of funding have been suggested for a guaranteed minimum income for non-socialist economic structures:

  • Negative income tax
  • Income taxes
  • Sales taxes
  • Capital gains taxes
  • Fiat money
  • Inheritance taxes
  • Wealth taxes, e.g. property tax
  • Luxury taxes
  • Elimination of current income support programs and tax deductions
  • Repayment of the grant at death or retirement
  • Land and natural resource taxes
  • Pollution taxes
  • Fees from government-created monopolies (such as the broadcast spectrum and utilities)
  • Money creation or seignorage
  • Tariffs, the lottery, or sin taxes
  • Technology taxes
  • Tobin tax
  • Value added tax or other Consumption taxes
  • Demurrage

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