Basal Plate

Basal plate may refer to:

  • Basal plate (neural tube), the region of the neural tube ventral to the sulcus limitans
  • Basal plate (placenta), between this plate and the uterine muscular fibres are the stratum spongiosum and the boundary layer
  • The base of a plant's bulb
  • The pedal disc, in anatomy of the sea anemone, the surface opposite to the mouth

Other articles related to "basal plate, plate":

Alpha Motor Neuron - Development
... Alpha motor neurons originate in the basal plate, the ventral portion of the neural tube in the developing embryo ... the floor plate), establishing a gradient of highly concentrated Shh in the basal plate and less concentrated Shh in the alar plate ... Under the influence of Shh and other factors, some neurons of the basal plate differentiate into α-MNs ...
Basal Plate (neural Tube)
... In the developing nervous system, the basal plate is the region of the neural tube ventral to the sulcus limitans ... end of the spinal cord and contains primarily motor neurons, whereas neurons found in the alar plate are primarily associated with sensory functions ... The cell types of the basal plate include lower motor neurons and four types of interneuron ...
Zona Limitans Intrathalamica - Formation - Emergence of Shh Expression
... Shortly after the beginnin dorsoventral patterning, shh is expressed along the basal plate (the bottom) of the embryo, which functions in “ventralization of the neural tube, promotion of growth and proliferation ... Although shh expression extends dorsally from the basal plate, the ZLI is capable of forming even without the basal plate or mesodermal tissue ...

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