Bartle Bull

Bartle B. Bull (born 1970) is an American writer, magazine editor and journalist specialising in foreign affairs and the Middle East. Bull is editor of the Middle East Monitor and foreign editor of Prospect, a leading British political and cultural magazine.

Bull has written from the Middle East for the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, Foreign Policy, Die Welt and many other publications. His work, widely syndicated in Europe and the United States, has been featured in Corriere della Sera, the International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and elsewhere. He appears frequently on radio and television and especially for the BBC, NPR, Fox News and Al Jazeera.

Bull has done seven journalistic tours of duty in Iraq since the start of the insurgency in the spring of 2004 and is the only western journalist to have been embedded with the Mahdi Army in Iraq.

According to the Wall Street Journal Bull's next book Babylon is an account of the long relationship between Iraq, Iran and the West published in 2008 by Grove and Atlantic. According to his own website other books by Bartle B. Bull include a child's book A Fox's Tale and a non-fiction travel-adventure work Around the Sacred Sea: Mongolia and Lake Baikal on Horseback.

In the October 2007 issue of Prospect magazine Bull argues that the Coalition's mission in Iraq has been accomplished. With most Sunni factions now seeking a deal he claims the big questions in Iraq have been resolved positively. The country remains one, it has embraced the ballot box and avoided all-out civil war. He says that what violence remains is largely local and criminal. American troops will leave Iraq, Bull wrote, only "when the Iraqis, through their elected leadership, tell them to". This article and its sister pieces in The Times and the Wall Street Journal called "required reading in the Pentagon and elsewhere" are widely considered to be the most influential analytical writing about Iraq since the 2005 election cycle in that country.

Note: Bartle Bull's father is also named Bartle Bull (born 1939). The elder Bartle Bull, an American of British ancestry, is both an attorney and a novelist. He graduated A.B. from Harvard University, attended Oxford University for graduate studies and Harvard Law School. He is a member of both the Royal Geographical Society and the Explorers Club and practices law in New York City. The elder Bull's published fictional works include A Cafe on the Nile, China Star, The White Rhino Hotel, Shanghai Station, The Devil's Oasis and Safari: A Chronicle of Adventure. He is also a former publisher of The Village Voice.

As the two Bartle Bulls are often mistaken for each other the journalist son is often referred to as "Bartle B. Bull" using his middle initial to distinguish him from his novelist father.

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