Barry F. Cooper

Barry F. Cooper

Fraser Barry Cooper (born 1943) is a Canadian political scientist at the University of Calgary's Department of Political Science. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, he teaches courses in political philosophy. Before coming to Calgary, he taught at Bishop's University (1968-1970), McGill University, and York University (1970-1981). Winner of a Killam Research Fellowship, he is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, he is a knight of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaler). In 1991, Cooper co-authored Deconfederation: Canada without Quebec, where he argued that Canada would benefit from Quebec separation. He is also a fellow at the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies. Cooper attended high school at Shawnigan Lake School on Vancouver Island.

As a regular columnist for the Calgary Herald, Cooper is a frequent guest commentator on Canadian political issues. He is a member of an emerging group of political scientists so-called the Calgary School, which also includes Tom Flanagan, Rainer Knopff, Ted Morton, and David Bercuson.

In 2006, Cooper became involved with a non-profit organization, Friends of Science, which openly criticized the Kyoto Protocol and the science behind it. The group "offers critical evidence that challenges the premises of the Kyoto Protocol and presents alternative causes for climate change." Friends of Science: About Us. The group is regarded as a corporate lobby for the Alberta oil and gas industry by many environmentalists. Cooper's involvement in the funding of this group was called into question in 2006, when it was reported he helped start a University of Calgary fund called the Science Education Fund, which accepted monies from Alberta oil and gas companies, foundations and individuals and then used some of that charitable donation to use in the Friends of Science group, to produce a video, available at Globe & Mail article of 12 August 2006 reprinted here.

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