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Masters in Bank Management (MBM)

During the implementation of Financial Sector Reform Project in 1993, the international expert Harris Jafry proposed first to introduce MBM Program at BIBM to mitigate the deficit of efficient manpower in Banking sector. In his FSRP report he said: "The MBM degree program would be developed and implemented in collaboration with some well-known foreign universities that would be approached to provide support to the program during the initial years."

He also said "The objectives of the MBM degree program is to bring about a dramatic improvement in the operational quality of the financial system through the insusion, over a decade, of some 1000 MBM degree recipients into the financial system. While those graduates would commence their careers at the entry level, they are expected to demonstrate a superior job performance and rise rapidly to senior position."

The MBM Program is a professional post-graduate program for bank officers and others who plan career in banking and allied fields. The primary emphasis of the program is to develop skills for management of banks and financial institutions. The program would also be useful for persons who plan career in other organizations dealing with financial and credit activities. The program is geared towards educating the students to make innovative, informed and creative choices and judgment about policy, operation and execution in banks and financial institutions keeping in view the macro-economic environment.

The MBM program is covered in two years broken down into six terms. Each term is of four months duration. The program constitutes course work for 72 credit hours i.e. a student shall have to complete a total of 24 courses (4 courses in each term). In addition, a project paper (3 credit hours) in term VI, and 4 viva-voce at the end of terms I, II, IV and V (weighing 3 credit hours in total) are required.

The MBM program has a number of fundamental/core courses like Microeconomics, Business Communication and Report Writing, Marketing Management, Business Mathematics, Principles of Accounting, Principles and Practices of Banking, Principles of Management, Business Statistics, Management of Financial Institutions, International Trade Payment and Finance, Credit Management in Banks etc. Besides the core courses, students have to choose two courses among a range of ten elective courses in the last term.

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