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At the start of The Lord of the Rings Sam, typically for a hobbit, had never before ventured far from the immediate area where he lived. Unusually for a hobbit, however, since childhood Sam was fond of legends and other fantastical stories. Sam was particularly interested in the Elves, and always hoped to one day see one. Sam was literate, having been taught by Bilbo and Frodo, which was atypical for most hobbits due to their rustic culture. Sam often showed a skill in poetry, one occasion being when in Lothlórien after Gandalf fell to his apparent death, Sam added to the poem that Frodo had made about him.

Tolkien called Sam the "chief hero" of the saga in one of his letters: he places special emphasis on Sam's "rustic love" for Rosie, a union that serves to establish a family in which allusions to Elvish wonders (embodied in Sam's daughter Elanor) are combined with the best qualities of traditional Shire-life. Sam and his descendants also become the keepers of the history of the War of the Ring (in the form of the Red Book of Westmarch) and uphold the memory of events that most 'ordinary' hobbits take little interest in.

Most of the hobbits' travels in Mordor are seen through Sam's point of view: including his spying on Gollum when the creature debates with himself; the battle with Shelob; Frodo's rescue from the orcs; and the final confrontation at Mount Doom.

The relationship between Frodo and Sam is, in many respects, at the heart of The Lord of the Rings. A strong bond of love and trust grows between them, portrayed most poignantly during the events of Cirith Ungol, where Sam vows to return to his (apparently) dead master, to be reunited with Frodo in death. Sam is extremely protective of Frodo and does everything he can to keep Frodo sane and moving forward even as the One Ring warps his mind.

Tolkien wrote in a private letter:

"My Sam Gamgee is indeed a reflexion of the English soldier, of the privates and batmen I knew in the 1914 war, and recognised as so far superior to myself".

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