Ball Lock

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Cornelius Keg - Specifications
... The connectors which attach to the ports come in two varieties pin-lock and ball-lock, and they are not interchangeable ... Historically, pin-lock kegs were used primarily by the Coca-Cola company, while ball-lock kegs were used primarily by Pepsi ... On a pin-lock keg, there are metal posts (pins) extending horizontally from around the port ...

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    and wife or husband
    who does not lock the door of the marriage
    against you, finds you
    not as unwelcome third in the room, but as
    the light of the moon on flesh and hair.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)

    The symbolic view of things is a consequence of long absorption in images. Is sign language the real language of Paradise?
    —Hugo Ball (1886–1927)