Baldwulf - Historical Evidence

Historical Evidence

The various chronicles that mention Beadwulf contain occasional minor differences in the dating of events. These variations are noted below. No one date is more authoritative than another.

791 – His consecration as Bishop of Candida Casa

The Saxon Chronicle says that Beadwulf was consecrated bishop of Candida Casa by Archbishop Eanbald I and Bishop Æthelberht of Hexham on 17 July 791. Symeon of Durham, writing c. 1108, says that the consecration occurred in a place called "Hearrahaleh". Henry of Huntingdon, writing c. 1155, says that the consecration was by Eanbald I.

795 – At the consecration of King Eardwulf

The Saxon Chronicle says that Eardwulf succeeded to the Northumbrian kingdom on 14 May 795, and was consecrated on 26 May 795 at York by Archbishop Eanbald I and bishops Æthelberht of Hexham, Higbald of Lindisfarne, and Beadwulf.

796 – At the consecration of Archbishop Eanbald II

The Saxon Chronicle says that Archbishop Eanbald I died on 10 August 796 and was succeeded by Eanbald II, who was consecrated on 14 August 796. There is no mention of who attended, or the place. Symeon of Durham says that the consecration occurred at Sockburn, with bishops Æthelberht, Higbald, and Beadwulf attending. The Melrose Chronicle agrees that the three bishops attended the consecration, but makes no mention of its location.

803 – At the consecration of Bishop Egbert of Lindisfarne

The Saxon Chronicle for 803 says that Bishop Higbald of Lindisfarne died on 24 June 803, and was succeeded by Egbert on 13 June 804. There is no mention of who attended, or the place. Symeon of Durham says that Higbald died on 25 May 803, and that Egbert's consecration was on 11 June 803 at Bywell, with Archbishop Eanbald II and bishops Eanbert of Hexham and Beadwulf in attendance. John of Worcester, writing in 1140, says that Higbald died in 802 and that his successor Egbert was consecrated by Archbishop Eanbald II on 2 June 802.

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