Bahr El Ghazal River

Bahr El Ghazal River

The Bahr el Ghazal (also spelled Bahr al Ghazal and Baḩr al Ghazāl) is a river in South Sudan. The name translates as "sea of gazelles". The South Sudanese region of Bahr el Ghazal takes its name from the river.

The Bahr el Ghazal is the main western tributary of the Nile. It is 716 kilometres (445 mi) long, flowing through the Sudd wetlands to Lake No, where it joins the White Nile.

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Bahr El Ghazal River - History
... The river was first mapped in 1772 by French geographer Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville, although it was vaguely known to early Greek geographers ...

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