Bagni Di Lucca - Hot Springs

Hot Springs

The commune is known for its springs which are situated in the valley of the Lima River, a tributary of the Serchio river. The district is known in the early history of Lucca as the Vicaria di Val di Lima. Ponte Serraglio is the principal village of the warm spring area, but there are warm springs and baths also at Villa, Docce Bassi, and Bagno Caldo. The springs do not seem to have been known to the Romans. Bagno a Corsena is first mentioned in 1284 by Guidone de Corvaia, a Pisan historian (Muratori, R.I.S. vol. xxii.).

Fallopius, who gave the springs credit for the cure of his own deafness, sounded their praises in 1569; and they have been more or less in fashion since. The temperature of the water varies from 36°C to 54°C. In all cases, the springs give off carbonic acid gas and contain lime, magnesium and sodium products.

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