Baekje Language

Baekje Language

The language of the ancient kingdom of Baekje (18 BCE – 660 CE), one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, is sparsely attested; indeed, it is not clear that what material exists is from the same language.

Since Baekje was established by immigrants from Goguryeo (the Buyeo-Baekje / Puyo-Paekche), is presumed that they spoke the Goguryeo language, and several attested words support this idea; however, even if that is true, it is not known which language the indigenous Samhan people (Han-Baekje) spoke, or if the attested material may be a mix of Goguryeo and Samhan. The Gaya confederacy, however, was founded by one of the Samhan tribes, so it's possible that the old Baekje language was related to Gaya; based on toponymic evidence, it may be then that Buyeo-Baekje was related to Korean, and Han-Baekje, despite the name, to Japanese.

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