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Vocal Harmony - In Popular Music
... To sing vocal harmony in a pop or rock context, backup singers need to be able to adjust the pitch of their notes so that they are in tune with the pitch of the lead vocalist and the band's instruments ... As well, the rhythm of the backup harmony parts has to be in time with the lead singer and the rhythm section ... lead during the chorus sections, other bands make the backup singers into more equal partners of the main vocalist ...
Singing - Vocal Music - Genres of Vocal Music - Popular and Traditional Music
... In many modern pop musical groups, a lead singer performs the primary vocals or melody of a song, as opposed to a backing singer who sings backup vocals or the harmony of a song ... As well, pop singers who use microphones can do a range of other vocal styles that would not project without amplification, such as making whispering sounds, humming, and ... While some bands use backup singers who only sing when they are onstage, it is common for backup singers in popular music to have other roles ...
Vocal Harmony - In Popular Music - Other Roles
... While some bands use backup singers who only sing when they are on stage, it is common for backup singers to have other roles while they are on stage ... In many rock and metal bands, the musicians doing backup vocals also play instruments, such as keyboards, rhythm guitar or drums ... In Latin or Afro-Cuban groups, backup singers may play percussion instruments or shakers while singing ...
Backing Vocalists
... A backing vocalist or backing singer (or, especially in the U.S ... backup singer or sometimes background singer or harmony vocalist) is a singer who provides vocal harmony with the lead vocalist or other backing vocalists ... In some cases, a backing singer may sing alone as a lead-in to the main vocalist's entry or a counter-melody ...

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