Backdraft (drink) - Alternate "Shooter" Backdraft Preparation

Alternate "Shooter" Backdraft Preparation

The procedure is as follows:

  1. A saucer is placed on a counter or table.
  2. A shot glass is placed in the center of the saucer, filled with Sambuca
  3. A pint glass is filled with 1-2 shots of Cointreau. Swirl this in the glass to coat the sides
  4. The Cointreau is lit and allowed to burn until the sides of the glass become warm to the touch
  5. The lit Cointreau is poured into the shot glass, igniting the Sambuca
  6. Cinnamon (or black pepper in the case of a Pepperdraft) is sprinkled into the flaming alcohol from about 1/3 of a meter (1 foot) above the shot glass. The finely powdered spice will ignite in the flame.

    Important: All the while the pint glass must be kept upside down above the flames to catch the alcohol vapor coming off the burning liquids.

  7. When approximately 3-6 good shakes of cinnamon have been dispensed, the pint glass is lowered over the flaming liquid.

    Note: the liquid on the outside of the inverted pint glass will still burn and needs to be gently blown out. The upside down pint glass is smaller than the coffee cup saucer, and will thus seal to the saucer extinguishing the flames inside

  8. As the alcohol cools inside the pint glass it will try to suck the alcohol on the outside back into the upside down pint glass. This backdraft effect is the origin of the drink's name.
  9. The pint glass is removed and 2-3 ice cubes are placed into it. The opening of the pint glass is immediately sealed with the palm of the bartender's hand.
  10. The pint glass is shaken: this has the effect of cooling the alcohol vapors and causing them to condense on the ice cubes, the walls of the glass and the air inside the glass.
  11. Preparation is now complete. The drinker first downs the shot or drinks it through a straw. Then the straw is slipped through the bartender's fingers into the pint glass, whereby the drinker "drinks" the condensed alcohol - actually mainly inhaling the alcohol vapors inside the glass. Finally, the drinker uses the straw to suck up the spirits which have collected in the saucer. The combination of ingested and inhaled alcohol makes this drink extremely potent. The ice cubes (and the layer of condensed alcohol on them) may be eaten if desired.

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