Backdraft (drink)

Backdraft (drink)

The Backdraft is a cocktail that is noted for its elaborate preparation and potency. Named after the backdraft which occurs in some fire situations, this drink produces a similar condition on purpose using flammable alcoholic drinks and an enclosing container, such as an upside down pint glass. Below is a typical procedure for producing one variation of the Backdraft drink. The combination of warm alcohol, followed by inhaling vaporized alcohol, and then finishing with a highly spiced warm alcohol, makes the drinking of this drink difficult, and while it tends not to have an immediate effect (since it is drunk quickly), the warmth of the alcohol and the vapor, make the concentration and absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream quicker than other drinks, and produces a more profound impact.

The procedure listed below is a typical illustration of how the drink is presented, and the steps used to produce the backdraft effect. The alcohols listed can be substituted with others, as there are various recipes. However, the steps of this procedure are required to be taken in this order to produce what is known as a classic backdraft drink.

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