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Chukat - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Numbers Chapter 21
... Babylonian Talmud Rosh Hashanah 3a.) The Mishnah taught that the brass serpent of Numbers 218–9 effected its miraculous cure because when the Israelites directed their thoughts ... Mishnah Rosh Hashanah 38 Babylonian Talmud Rosh Hashanah 29a.) Even though in Deuteronomy 29 and 219, God forbade the Israelites from occupying the ... (Babylonian Talmud Gittin 38a.) ...
Behar - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Leviticus Chapter 25 - Leviticus 25:35–55 — Limits On Debt Servitude
... Babylonian Talmud Bava Metzia 61b–62a.) A Baraita considered the case where two people were traveling on a journey, and one had a container of water if both drank, they would both die, but if ... Babylonian Talmud Bava Metzia 62a.) Part of chapter 1 of Tractate Kiddushin in the Mishnah, Tosefta, Jerusalem Talmud, and Babylonian Talmud interpreted the ... (Mishnah Kiddushin 12 Tosefta Kiddushin 15–6 Jerusalem Talmud Kiddushin ch ...
Va'etchanan - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Deuteronomy Chapter 5
... Mishnah Tamid 51 Babylonian Talmud Tamid 32b.) The Gemara, however, taught that although the Sages wanted to recite the Ten Commandments along with the Shema in ... Babylonian Talmud Berakhot 12a.) The Gemara taught that the Israelites heard the words of the first two commandments (in Exodus 202–5 (203–6 in NJPS) and Deuteronomy 56–9 (57–10 in ... Babylonian Talmud Makkot 23b–24a.) Tractate Avodah Zarah in the Mishnah, Tosefta, Jerusalem Talmud, and Babylonian Talmud interpreted the laws prohibiting idolatry in Exodus 202–5 (203–6 in NJPS ...
Chukat - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Numbers Chapter 19
... Numbers Rabbah 195 see also Babylonian Talmud Yoma 67b on “statutes” generally.) Rav Judah reported in Samuel’s name an account of the rarity of completely red cows ... Babylonian Talmud Kiddushin 31a.) Rabbi Eliezer noted that both Leviticus 1627 (with regard to burning the Yom Kippur sin offerings) and Numbers 193 (with regard to slaughtering the red cow) say ... (Babylonian Talmud Yoma 68a.) Rabbi Isaac contrasted the red cow in Numbers 193–4 and the bull that the High Priest brought for himself on Yom Kippur in Leviticus 163–6 ...
Mishpatim - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Exodus Chapter 23
... Tractate Sheviit in the Mishnah, Tosefta, and Jerusalem Talmud interpreted the laws of the Sabbatical year in Exodus 2310–11, Leviticus 251–34, and ... impediment, they had learned halachah, Sifra, Sifre, and the whole Talmud ... Tractate Pesachim in the Mishnah, Tosefta, Jerusalem Talmud, and Babylonian Talmud interpreted the laws of the Passover in Exodus 123–27, 43–49 136–10 3425 ... Leviticus 234–8 Numbers 91–14 2816–2 ...

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