Baal Cycle

The Baal Cycle is a Ugaritic cycle of stories about the Canaanite god Baal, also known as Hadad the god of storm and fertility. They are written in Ugaritic, a language written in a cuneiform alphabet, on a series of clay tablets found in the 1920s in the Tell of Ugarit (modern Ras Shamra), situated on the Mediterranean coast of northern Syria, a few kilometers north of the modern city of Latakia, far ahead of the now known coast.

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Baal Cycle - Baal and Mot
... The final part of the Baal cycle is concerned with Baal's battle against Mot, or death personified ... from the preceding section, Mot concludes his reply to Baal ... wine, Mot is offended, and threatens to cause the heavens to wilt and collapse, breaking Baal into pieces ...
Mark S. Smith - Publications
... The Ugaritic Baal Cycle Volume 1 ... The Ugaritic Baal Cycle Volume 2 ... “Baal's Cosmic Secret,” Ugarit-Forschungen 16 (1984) 295-98 ...

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