B. John Tutuska

B. John Tutuska (December 4, 1911 – July 30, 1993) was the second County Executive in Erie County, New York, serving from 1969 - 1971. He succeeded Edward C. Rath in 1969 after Rath died in office. Prior to being appointed County Executive, Tutuska served as Erie County Sheriff from 1959 - 1969.

Tutuska defeated then Common Council member Stanley M. Makowski, future mayor of Buffalo, N.Y. in a special election held on November 4, 1969 by the margin 55% - 45%. During that election, a major campaign issue was the claim by Makowski that Tutuska was responsible for the failed Buffalo Bills domed stadium project.

Tutuska was the endorsed GOP candidate for reelection in 1971 when he suffered a heart attack. While he was recuperating from his heart attack he was challenged to a primary election by Edward V. "Ned" Regan. Rather than run in a primary, he withdrew from the race and the GOP nomination went to Ned Regan. Regan subsequently defeated Frank A. Sedita, mayor of Buffalo, in the general election.

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