Bălţi Steppe - Vegetation and Agriculture

Vegetation and Agriculture

The traditional natural vegetation of this area of smooth hills was forest steppe. Nowadays, however, it is intensely farmed, and thus is rendered as a steppe.

The region is a traditional agricultural area, favored by several factors, such as the black earth (earth with a very high natural fertility), the tradition, and a high degree of deforestation that occurred in the 19th century. Over 80% of the land is used for intensive agriculture, and less than 3% are forests.

Crops, vegetables, commercial plants (such as tobacco), fruit trees (such as apple trees), livestock fodder, and occasionally grapes, potatoes, and berry shrubs are cultivated in the region. The agriculture overwhelmingly dominates traditional vegetation, (deciduous) forests, and occasionally the forest steppes. Region's wildlife includes rabbits, roes, storks, geese and ducks, however in the last half-century these species populations declined in numbers because there are only few remaining forest habitats remaining. A traditional horse breeding area, in the last century Bălţi steppe has specialized in livestock (cows, sheep), and poultry.

Two varieties of winter barley "Auriu" and "Sokor", produced by the Bălţi Research Institute "Selecţia", specialized in field crops. They are very productive in the conditions of unstable moistening of Bălţi steppe.

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