Azzopardi is a Maltese surname presumed to be derived from the word Azpardi. "Azpardi" refers to the Holy Group, who are a subgroup of rich relgious people who helped the poor. They originated in modern-day Spain and Portugal and parts of North Africa. The Azzopardi families of Malta probably have their origin in Spain. Despite this background, the Azzopardi families in Malta have been Roman Catholic since 1492, when all Maltese families were ordered to convert to Catholicism or leave the Maltese Islands.

A similar surname is Azopardo, which is also the names of the Azopardo River (Spanish: Río Azopardo), a river in Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, Chile at the southern tip of South America.

The reference from the publication is repeated verbatim here in case of loss of the original document: Ref. For Accio see: Codice diplomatico della Repubblica di Genova, “Fonti per la Storia d’Italia”, Roma 1942, III, doc. 44, p. 120: Azo Rovedus, Azo Borel, giugno 1197; and Azo de Pangiano, Azo, Salvaticus, Azo Rovedus, and Azo de Avolasca in ibid., doc. 50, pp.131-132, 27 Agosto 1198. Ogerius Açopardus figures among witnesses to a notarial deed in Genoa on 4 August 1201: Giovanni de Guiberto (1200-1211), a cura di M.W. Hall-Cole et al., “Notai liguri del secolo XII, vol. V,” Genoa, 1940, doc. 350 in vol. I, 173.

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