Aye Thar Yar

Aye Thar Yar or Ayetharyar is a town and resort in the Shan State of eastern Burma. It is located just outside of Taunggyi and is a relatively new town. It contains the luxury Aye Thar Yar Golf Resort. Aye Thar Yar Technical High School opened in the early 1990s.

Famous quotes containing the words aye and/or thar:

    The wheel of fortune guide you,
    The boy with the bow beside you
    Run aye in the way
    Till the bird of day
    And the luckier lot betide you.
    Ben Jonson (1572–1637)

    We found it at last, an’ a little shed
    Where they shut up the lamb at night.
    We looked in an’ seen them huddled thar,
    So warm an’ sleepy an’ white;
    An’ THAR sot Little Breeches an’ chirped,
    As peart as ever you see,
    “I wants a chaw of terbacky,
    An’ that’s what’s the matter of me.”
    John Milton Hay (1838–1905)