Aurthohin - History - Dhrubok (2003)

Dhrubok (2003)

Imtiaz left the band, and the band collectively decided not to take any more guest members. Shishir of dNA joined the band as the new keyboardist and guitarist. The band then faced their biggest problem to date when vocalist Sumon got sick and doctors told him he would not be able to sing as he did before. Sumon had to stop singing most of the metal vocal arrangements, and the band decided to take a new vocalist. Rafa, the drummer of Severe Dementia joined the band as the vocalist and also a drummer. Aurthohin's fourth album, Dhrubok was released in 2003.Dhrubok went on to be one of the year's biggest hits and received overwhelming positive reviews and to some in the album which has been overshadowed by the crowd but it was their way to even up with all the criticism faced by Notun Diner Michile

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