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Audio Playback Components

An audio system typically consists of one or more source components, one or more amplification components, and (for stereo) two or more loudspeakers.

Signal cables (analog audio, speaker, digital audio etc.) are used to link these components. There are also a variety of accessories, including equipment racks, power conditioners, devices to reduce or control vibration, record cleaners, anti-static devices, phonograph needle cleaners, reverberation reducing devices such as speaker pads and stands, sound absorbent foam, and soundproofing.

The interaction between the loudspeakers and the room (room acoustics) plays an important part in sound quality. Sound vibrations are reflected from walls, floor and ceiling, and are affected by the contents of the room. Room dimensions can create standing waves at particular (usually low) frequencies. There are devices and materials for room treatment that affect sound quality. Soft materials, such as draperies and carpets, can absorb higher frequencies, whereas hard walls and floors can cause excess reverberation.

Top-loading CD player and external D-to-A converter. Quad II, an early monoblock valve (vacuum tube) amplifier.

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... In the amplification stage, both solid state and vacuum-tube electronics remain popular, even though vacuum-tube amplifiers have been alleged to have higher total harmonic distortion, require rebiasing, be less reliable, generate more heat, be less powerful, and cost more ... There is also continuing debate about the proper use of negative feedback in amplifier design ...

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